Water Quality Notification

Level 2 water restrictions are voluntary. Basically, we are asking our customers to be wise when it comes to their water usage, especially when irrigating. Irrigation places the biggest demand on our water supply and our water system. Because of your efforts in conserving water during the extreme drought conditions we have been experiencing, our water supply stabilized. The heavy rains during the winter months and into the early spring have allowed our water source to recover. But please be aware that an extended dry, hot period of time could bring on more severe restrictions.

There has also been a water line installed under I-59 and a tie-in to Odenville’s water system completed. However, the amount of water available to Springville through this connection is limited. This connection is also part of the Coosa Valley Water District that, when completed, will make available an additional 750,000 gallons per day almost immediately.

Another very important reason we’re asking our customers to help us conserve water has little to do with the actual amount of water available. It’s when our customers are using more water than our system can pump out of the ground, causing extremely low levels in our water tanks. Low tank levels become even more dangerous when it effects the ability of our fire department to fight fires. When this occurs, the city moves to a Level 3 condition, which is watering by odd and even addresses at specific times of the day.

If you have any questions concerning this letter, or want more information, please call our office at (205) 467-2704 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.